Privacy Policy

Updated at December 2017

D-WINGS DESENVOLVIMENTO LTDA., a limited corporation, registered under Brazilian law at Alameda Joaquim Eugenio de Lima, nº 1.250, CJ. 83, Jardim Paulista, CEP 01403-002, in São Paulo city, State of São Paulo, Brazil (“D-WINGS”) recognizes the importance of the safe and conscientious use of all services offered by D-WINGS, including, but not limited to the websites and (“Website”).For this reason, D-WINGS considers it important to clarify and disclose its “Security and Privacy Policy” to ensure that Users of the Website (“User” or “Users”) can better understand the use of User-supplied information and personal data, as well as the registration, access and use of the Website.

The User’s registration on the Website allows D-WINGS to store your information, documents, images, files with video or audio and personal data in its secure database. Access to the D-WINGS database is strictly limited to a small number of authorized employees, who are required to maintain the confidentiality of data, information, documents, images and audio or video files that they receive.

In addition to data and information storage, registration allows D-WINGS to offer services in addition to those found on the Website, such as sending newsletters and emails. If you wish to stop receiving newsletters and emails from D-WINGS, simply notify D-WINGS using the option to do so, which is available in each correspondence received.

This Security and Privacy Policy defines Users’ rights and responsibilities in relation to the security of the data and information that they have used and/or provided to D-WINGS, as well as the penalties which may apply if Users do not comply with those rights and responsibilities.

The latest version of this Security and Privacy Policy will always be available on the Website. Any changes to this Security and Privacy Policy will apply from the time they are published on the Website.

In order to ensure clear and accurate rules, D-WINGS reserves the right to change the Security and Privacy Policy from time to time and it is strongly recommended that Users review the Security and Privacy Policy prior to accessing and using the Website and its services. In addition, Users must always agree to and accept all provisions contained in the policy.

In that sense, D-WINGS recommends that Users do not access the Website or its services if they do not agree with any of the provisions of this Security and Privacy Policy, given that such non-agreement will prevent D-WINGS from using User-supplied data, information, documents, images or files with video or audio.

Therefore, this Security and Privacy Policy provides Users with information about the topics listed below.



1.1 D-WINGS collects data and information in a variety of ways and in different areas of the Website. Some personal information is obtained with the User’s registration. During this process, D-WINGS will ask you for your name, email address, bank account information and other personal information. The more correct information that is provided, the better will be the personalization and effectiveness of service delivery.

1.2 A User cannot choose a Website login account name that contains words, expressions or graphics that have previously been chosen by another User. In addition, Users cannot choose a login that contains malicious or abusive expressions; trademarks of Third party products or services; social denominations; advertising expressions; names or pseudonyms of public personalities or famous persons; names registered by third parties; names that do not refer to the registered User identity; or names that, in general, are contrary to the law, public order or commonly accepted standards of morality and good customs. Further, the use of trademark names, programs, products or services offered by D-WINGS is strictly prohibited.

1.3 Users that disobey the requirements listed in item 1.2 above may, at D-WINGS’ sole discretion and without prior notice, have their login cancelled and/or blocked, or even be denied the right to a future registration, without such action giving that user or any third party the right to indemnity or compensation.

1.4 After registration, the User will be able to use the Website and eventually contract the services of D-WINGS.

1.5 D-WINGS may include access to websites requested by the User, or websites of D-WINGS’ partners and/or sponsors that offer goods and/or services accessible via the Website (“third party Websites”). The information and data provided when visiting and/or completing transactions on third-party Websites is subject to the data use and collection policies of the proprietors of those websites, such that D-WINGS does not take any responsibility for the use of information or data provided by Users to third party websites, nor does D-WINGS take any responsibility for the access, operation and legality of third party Websites.

1.5.1. For information about the privacy policies of these third parties, D-WINGS suggests that Users locate and agree to any such policies that may be found on third party Websites.


2.1 “Cookies” are small text files sent and stored on the User’s computer. These small files serve to recognize, track and store the User’s browsing on the Internet.

2.2 The use of Cookies to track and store information enables D-WINGS to offer a more personalized service, according to the characteristics and interests of its Users, thereby benefiting the User’s experience on the Internet.

2.3 In order to facilitate and expedite the filling out of forms, the information contained in each User’s Cookies may be used to pre-populate the data collection forms on the Internet.

2.4 D-WINGS’ advertisers, partners and/or sponsors, or even third parties with websites, the access to which may have been requested by the User as part of the services provided by D-WINGS, may use their own Cookies, which are not regulated by this security and privacy policy. For further information, D-WINGS suggests that users consult the privacy policies contained on each third party Website.

2.5 The User may request the removal of their stored data at any time by forwarding a written request to or In addition, by modifying your browsing preferences, the User has the option of rejecting Cookies, which will result in the inability to enjoy all the benefits and facilities of a personalized Internet experience.


3.1 Data, information, documents, images and video or audio files collected by, or delivered, to D-WINGS will be used to customize the content and/or services provided by D-WINGS. By knowing more about the User, D-WINGS will be able to provide more relevant content and services and consequently provide a better online experience.

3.2 Information and data may also be used to generate general statistical data for informative or commercial purposes. While User-supplied geographic, demographic, psychographic and profile data may be provided to partners, sponsors, advertisers or other companies that have links with D-WINGS, Users’ confidential data will not be revealed.

3.3 Information, documents, images, video or audio files and personal data from Users will not be marketed or supplied to third parties (except for the purposes specified in item 3.2 above), except when required to do so by court orders or other legal requirements.


4.1 User data, information, documents, images and video or audio files will be collected and/or received by D-WINGS and stored in its database. If you access third-party Websites through the Website, the conditions specified in items 1.5 and 1.5.1 above will apply.

4.2 D-WINGS does not practice the dissemination of information and/or data that can identify the User, except when authorised or under the circumstances provided for in this Security and Privacy Policy. In some cases, this identification will be necessary if the User acquires a particular product or service or wins a prize whose delivery, to be made, requires their information and personal data. Identification may also be requested so that a particular business transaction can be effected. Without prejudice to what is covered by this Security and Privacy Policy, the disclosure of data and/or information may still occur in the circumstances listed below:

4.2.1 Under confidentiality agreements and other contractual instruments, D-WINGS may compare User information and/or data with third party data. In addition, D-WINGS may disclose aggregate statistics of User groups in order to describe their services to prospective partners, advertisers, etc., as well as to other legal objectives.

4.2.2 D-WINGS may also disclose User data, information, documents, images or video or audio files in special cases where it has reason to believe that disclosure of such information and/or data is necessary to identify, contact or act legally against anyone who may be harming or interfering (with or without intent) in the rights or ownership of D-WINGS, their partners and sponsors, other Users, people connected to D-WINGS or any third party being harmed by a User’s information and/or data.

In the event of any doubt regarding the provisions contained in this Security and Privacy Policy, the User must contact D-WINGS via e-mail ( or