ASAPP is a fast communication platform, agile and able to organize
content in repositories for easy access by the field team.

ASAPP is a fast communication platform, agile and able to organize
content in repositories for easy access by the field team.

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Increase in sales

Correct information available at the
time of closing the deal!

Better Operational Efficiency

Information distribution in an agile way,
fast and organized!

Costs reduction

Decrease your logistics costs.
Electronic distribution of materials!

ASAPP brought the information in the right time to the right people, and whoever has information has everything … It helps the chain as a whole, uninformed people generate rework and make the whole chain slow and costly

Anderson Barbosa, Whilrpool
Anderson Barbosa, Whilrpool

ComunicaMotors has transformed the way webmotors communicate with the sales team and consequently the team’s performance in Brazil.

Giovanna Rossi, Webmotors
Giovanna Rossi, Webmotors

We have improved and streamlined communication with the sales team through an ASAPP application. We are very satisfied with the results and therefore we plan to extend its use even to other company audiences.

Cyntia Mantovani - Altas Schindler
Cyntia Mantovani – Altas Schindler

With the use of the ASAPP app, the team of our ZEISS Distributors spread throughout Brazil, gained speed in the information of Campaigns and News and, we managed to work better the sharing of our training contents and, to research with the team in a faster way as we can reacting to the actions of our competitors. The result in sales was a super positive consequence and we were able to increase the added value of our sales.

Carlos Coan, Carl Zeiss Vision
Carlos Coan, Carl Zeiss Vision

Engagement Metrics

Compare metrics of your users in real-time. Find out what content is relevant and useful.

Real Time

Interactions in the App are sent and saved on the platform at all times, and are available in a simple and intuitive dashboard.


Get click information on links, interactive media, posts, PDFs and more.

Engagement Metrics

Research, Training and Quiz

Get information and feedback from field teams in a timely manner. Have Marketing and Sales fully aligned.


Evaluations and tests


Survey and Quiz

Research, Training and Quiz

Integrations, automation,
gamification and more.


ASAPP APIs as the company’s information distribution channel. Integration with existing systems for delivery of automated content.

<big> <b>Automation</b></big>

User Groups

Segmenting users into groups according to need. Submission of regionalized content, by hierarchical level, by profile.

<big><b>User Groups</b></big>


Ranking of users according to engagement. Generation of points based on the consumption of content. Awards for the most active users.



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